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UFO ON "TOP GEAR" british tv show

A UFO i noticed while watching a popular national tv show. the extraterestrial orb was filmed inthe desrt las vegas. Some people never know what an extraterrestrial unidentified object looks like inside or out. There are many different types, descriptions, and purposes. Some of the knowledge is protected. More will be shared when it is time to be known and accepted on earth as part of the awareness of reality. The ET UFO is part of a fleet of ET UFOS. There are many types. Some are shuttles. Some are carriers, some are battle ships. This information is about one ship called a shuttle. This ET UFO or spacecraft as it prefers to be called has Artificial Intelligence. This ET UFO can use stealth and disappear as required. This is a small spacecraft compared to those kept in stellar space and stealth. This spacecraft is considered thirty feet by thirty feet in American measurements both inside and outside. The color when seen sitting to the naked human eye would be considered a silver or grey in color. However, the skin or outside can change to any color imagined. This spacecraft can project many lights of various sizes. There is one entry door with a ramp that comes out. Landing gear can be protruded as needed. There is a console inside with many objects that can bee seen and most are unseen. There are two seats. These seats will form to anyone's size when sitting in the seat. The console has a place for two hand imprints with four digits spots. There are two of these ...

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