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Top Gear USA Fan? This is for You.

I drove Adam Ferrara from Manhattan to a gig in New Brunswick, NJ at the Stress Factory a while back. The audio is loud and the video is dark. I apologize for that. I wasn't going to post the clip, but thought, what the heck, maybe you'll get a kick out of it. It was a fun ride. I had planned to use a nice quiet sedan with good lighting and proper mics. Those plans fell through and I had to use my Honda S2000. So how loud is a Honda S2000 on the Jersey Turnpike? About this loud. :/ Prior to Top Gear USA, Adam played the role of Chief "Needles" Nelson on the FX series "Rescue Me." Many thanks to Adam for giving me the green light on this. I'd like to crank out more segments from the road ...


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