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Top Gear 11e06s 4\4

Main review: Hammond tested the Vauxhall Monaro VX-R and was taught how to drift in the same car by D1 Grand Prix driver Yasuyuki Kazama, despite Kazama not speaking English (he had to teach using hand signals). Kazama then took the VX-R and showed Hammond how to drift properly. News: It is revealed that Vauxhall has discontinued the distribution of the Monaro VX-R, making the former segment irrelevant. Challenge: James May tries to re-create the Top Gear theme tune using car engine noises. Ranging from the supercar Enzo Ferrari to a classic Chevrolet Corvette to modern cars like the Suzuki Swift and the Mazda RX-8 and even a construction dumper, May's song is purist as he refuses to use computer effects to make it sound better, with results that fail to impress the others. Clarkson compares it to "a fat talentless shop assistant farting." Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Timothy Spall talks about his movie roles with Tom Cruise, and manages to take the Liana to a respectable 1:51.1 time, despite going into the last corner too fast and swiviling around on the last straight. Greatest Driving Song of All Time: Rankings: (WINNER) Queen - "Don't Stop Me Now" Golden Earring - "Radar Love" Meat Loaf - "Bat out of Hell" Steppenwolf - "Born to Be Wild" Deep Purple - "Highway Star" James presents Roger Taylor, Queen's drummer, with a trophy. Review: Clarkson reviews the Ford Lightning, and considers the truck useless in England. From claiming it's made from old shovels and the ...

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