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Manufacture began in 1994 when then-model range to replace the Renault 21, made since 1986. First produced only version of hatchback, station wagon version came to market in 1995. Production model Laguna Renault meant a great step forward in quality and reliability, which was frequently discussed topic in its older models. On the basis of improving the service interval extended to 15 000 km.After 1998 passed Laguna facelift. He had the basic equipment, some elements that the first version would not provide as clear overlap headlamps, fog lights, side airbags, 4 electric windows, a new overlay group lights and rear mainly upgraded power sets. Engines were added 1.6 16v 107 PS, 120 PS 1.8 16V, 1.9 DTI 98PS. In early November 1998 the first assembly has a diesel engine with common rail system - 1.9 dCi 109 PS. Laguna crashtestoch won three stars in Euro NCAP, but later it was a withheld.Until the end of the first production version of the Laguna in 2000 produced more than 1.5 million units, which enabled the automobile to get to the bar between the leading French car.Pleas Subscribe

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