Video - Proton Savvy, 1149cc, with Renault Quickshift G'box (2009 vid).flv

Videos Renault Rapid Proton Savvy, 1149cc, with Renault Quickshift G'box (2009 vid).flv

Proton Savvy, 1149cc, with Renault Quickshift G'box (2009 vid).flv

This video was uploaded in 2009 on my previous YT account. I have received several inquiries on the condenser unit and am now keen on manufacturing this to sell due to popular demand. Most cars with Automated Manual Transmission (which is basically a manual gearbox with a single clutch plate utilizing hydraulic actuators to control the shifter and clutch, freeing the user from having to engage gears via the stick and depressing a clutch pedal) suffer from premature gearbox failure and rough gearshifts due to transient pressure loss in the hydraulic system. Such gearboxes include the Quickshift (Renault), Selespeed (Alfa Romeo) and many others. This is a test drive of my 4 year old Proton Savvy compact car - 1149cc Renault D4F, 75BHP @ 5500rpm, 105nm @ 4250rpm, Galvanized high tensile steel monocoque chassis, front wheel drive, sequential gearbox (manual gearbox anatomy, no torque-converter), bore x stroke 69mm x 76mm, in-line 4, drive-by-wire throttle body, multiport fuel injected, SOHC 16 valves. Front suspension is McPherson struts with lower control arm mounted on a square type subframe. Rear suspension is programmed deflection torsion axle. This gearbox is basically anatomically similar to a manual transmission, having a single clutch plate and 5 forward ratios with reverse. The shifter in the gearbox is controlled by a hydraulic shifter actuator (aka a "robotic arm") and the clutch is controlled a hydraulic pump actuator. Pressure for the hydraulic system is built by ...

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