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Lotus 78 - Top Gear Track (rFactor)

1:22 for the actual lap. But if you skip ahead, you'll miss the theme song at the start. *cough* Auto shifting, unfortunately. I do have shift up and shift down assigned to the joystick buttons, but they don't always work very well so I've given up on manual for now. I'd be using an actual steering wheel but the ones with clutch pedals cost more and I'm way too cheap to overspend on something like this. Anyway, I'm a bit of a slut for the Lotus cars - especially the ones in the John Player Special livery. They were fucking badass, to put it very subtly. I unfortunately didn't do it much of a service in this video. I did find my bit of paper with lap times on it though, and my fastest lap is 1:12.38 - around .8 of a second behind the computer. If you're a racing snob, sod off. This is just a bit of a larf. Do feel free to post times though - give me something to shoot for, haha. Other videos coming eventually. I don't have a 'busy' week as such, but I do have to do a couple of things like decide if I'm continuing with university, and some other grownup stuff. It's all very boring. I just want to be gigging again.


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