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Formula Renault-In Car Streaming Data- Danger Zone

Used TrackVision 2.2 to integrate my AIM Race Studio data with my onboard DriftInnovation camera video from a typical day of Formula Renault testing [running in brakes and checking alignment] for a nice HUD [Heads Up Display], fighter aircraft style. The video gives a nice idea of the acceleration of a Formula Renault, though its an instruction car with some mileage on it - the race engines of course have a bit more power, and this is just having some fun on a pit-in lap after testing. Special thanks to racer Bill Li of Hong who gave me the lead onto the TrackVision program, something every Hot Shot formula pilot should have in his repertoire [at $150 - keep in mind you need technical knowledge of data systems as well as your formatted original in-car data, and synchronizing the data and video is some real work]. Looking forward to making many more videos of the Need for Speed. Pete Olson Formula Renault Test Pilot, Instructor Champ Motorsport Zhuhai International Circuit Zhuhai, China

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