Video - F1 2011 Nurburgring Racedepartment 100% Race (12/2/2012)

Videos Crash testy F1 2011 Nurburgring Racedepartment 100% Race (12/2/2012)

F1 2011 Nurburgring Racedepartment 100% Race (12/2/2012)

The fourth race for pre qualification for the racedepartment 100% championship at Nurburgring, Germany. Took the Ferrari to test claims that it is slower than other cars. Placed 4th in qualifying on primes. Race pace seems fine with a few tweaks to the steering linearity will test at the next race too. A few sound glitches in the video maybe 8 sounds like a mis-shift but just down to having to re render certain places. Enjoy! Cockpit view Track IR 5 No aids Alienware OptX AW2210 21.5"(55 cm) HD Monitor Logitech G25 Steering Wheel

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