Video - Extreme Makeover Home Edition - Bliven Family (English/Spanish subtitles) PART 1

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Extreme Makeover Home Edition - Bliven Family (English/Spanish subtitles) PART 1

Season 4, episode 4 of Extreme Makeover Home Edition Bliven Family Audio: English Subtitles: Spanish The Bliven family of Minot, North Dakota were told "Life's not fair" by their doctor upon learning their second child, Aaron, had cerebral palsy. The Blivens, who also have another son and daughter, treat Aaron like a "normal" kid. Aaron and his younger brother even played on the same Little League team. That is, until the recreation league decided Aaron's health was too much of a risk for the great American pastime. But instead of benching her young son, Michelle started a league of their own. "Dream Catchers" is a Little League team made up entirely of children with special needs. Michelle received the "Hometown Hero" Award for her tireless efforts in creating an environment in which EVERY child is special. Unfortunately, the family's modest house, bought almost 20 years ago, is no longer a safe haven for their growing son. At 14 Aaron has outgrown his small wheelchair, but his new chair is too large and can't fit through the hallways and some doorways; he must be carried from room to room. After suffering two heart attacks last year, Bill is physically unable to life his son now, which leaves the entire weight on Michelle's shoulders - and back, legs, arms. The bathroom is also too small to accommodate Aaron, so he must get dressed and be attended to in the living room, which includes changing his feeding tube and his underwear. Life has given the Blivens lemons, and ...

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