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2013 Renault Twingo Sport

The Renault Twingo is a city car built by French automaker Renault, first presented at the Paris Motor Show in September 1992 and sold in continental European markets beginning in 1993. The second generation Twingo was launched in summer 2007. The "Twingo" name is a portmanteau derived from the words "Twist", "Swing" and "Tango".[1] On 28 July 2011, Renault announced a facelift to the current second generation Twingo which was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show and is the first model in the Renault range to wear the new iconic design and branding that will eventually follow on to the entire range of Renault cars.[19] The new Twingo sports new bumpers as well as a larger Renault badge and redesigned front and rear light clusters.[20]



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