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2013 Renault Clio - Interior

Since the launch of the original model in 1990, some 11.5 million Clios have been sold in more than 115 countries. Today, a new chapter in Renault Clio's history is about to be written with the unveiling of the fourth-generation version. "New Clio is set to make a real mark. In addition to an unprecedented package of innovations, its design marks a major shift from that of previous models." Carlos Tavares (Chief Operating Officer) New Renault Clio, an incarnation of the brand's new styling identity New Renault Clio is the first production model to give full expression to the Renault design renaissance inspired by Laurens van den Acker, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Design. The promise was to take the style and emotion of the brand's latest concept cars and carry them over to production models. Renault's new supermini fulfils that promise. "New Renault Clio was conceived as a piece of sensuous sculpture which stimulates desire. Like muscles, its curves express the dynamism radiated by the DeZir concept car. No acute or aggressive angles, just voluptuous curves that make you want to go up to it and caress it." Laurens van den Acker (Senior Vice President, Corporate Design)



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