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Dopravní nehody


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The Car Crash: Dude Wrecks His Truck While Showing Off Kid gets out of his car to show off and tries to ride on the...

24 seconds
Scary accidents compilation caught on video! Part 1

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4 minutes : 47 seconds
Russia Dash Cam Compilation September 2012

by Failfinland Russia Dash Cam Compilation September 2012

8 minutes : 45 seconds
fatal POF car accident

1 minutes : 8 seconds
HORRIFYING CRASH Lunatic Driver Driving into Oncoming Traffic

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1 minutes : 18 seconds
Russian Road Rage, a Bieber Jam and a Train - Its the Traffic Episode

This week we feature funny Russian Road Rage, the terror of a Bieber Jam and a c...

4 minutes : 51 seconds
Car Crashes caught on camera

Crazy crashes caught on camera

2 minutes : 20 seconds
Car Crash on the road Compilation 2013

Follow me ; Car Crash 2012 and 2013 Videos.

15 minutes : 33 seconds
The Car Crash: Darrell Gwynn's Career Ending Crash On Easter Sunday, 1990, Darrell Gwynn had a horific crash at...

40 seconds

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