Renault RE30 B

Renault RE30 B

Model: RE30 (1981 - 1981)

Wikipedia (RE30):

For 1982, the car was updated and modified with a redesigned nose section, new rear wing and kick-ups added in front of the rear wheels. The engine was further developed to give around 590bhp. Prost made a strong start to the season and won in Brazil and South Africa to underline his intention to win the championship that season. However, those would be his only victories of the year, as Ferrari, Williamsand McLaren overtook Renault in the technology race. The RE30B was a formidable qualifying car, with Prost or Arnoux on pole for the majority of the races, but reliability was suspect for both drivers, mostly due to problems with the new electronic fuel injection which failed repeatedly during the races proper. Arnoux took two wins during the latter half of the year, but only finished four races during the whole season. Prost was in sight of victory at MonacoAustria and Dijon but had problems during the final laps of all three races. He eventually salvaged fourth in the championship, whilst Renault finished third in the constructors' championship.

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