Renault Primaquatre II, generation #2

Renault Primaquatre II 2

Year of production 1936 - 1941

Model: Primaquatre (1931 - 1941)

Wikipedia (Primaquatre):

In January 1936 the New Primaquatre (Type ACL1) appeared, featuring with a new 2383 cc (14CV) engine providing up to 48 PS (35 kW; 47 hp) at 3200 rpm.

In following years the types ACL2, BDF1, BDF2 and BDS1 were introduced, and were produced until the early summer of 1940 when the unexpected speed of the German invasion put an end to most passenger car production in France. Two changes towards the end of 1937 were the introduction of Renault's newly developed mechanical brake servo, as well as the removal of one of the two access points for the fuel tank which from now on had to be filled using a single fuel filler on the right hand side of the rear panel.

The last Primaquatre was the Primaquatre Sport (Type BDS2) with the 2.4-litre engine, but with 56 PS (41 kW; 55 hp), type BDF2 receive the engine too of 62 PS (46 kW; 61 hp). One final technical enhancement came in 1940 when Lockheed hydraulic brakes replaced the cable brakes specified for the original design.

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