Renault 5 I

Renault 5 I

Year of production 1972 - 1985

Model: 5 (1972 - 1990)

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Images and details of the Renault 5 were published on 10 December 1971, the car's formal launch following on 28 January 1972.

The Renault 5 was styled by Michel Boué, who designed the car in his spare time, outside of his normal duties. When Renault executives learned of Boué's work, they were so impressed by his concept they immediately authorized a formal development programme. The R5 featured a steeply sloping rear hatchback and front dashboard. Boué had wanted the tail-lights to go all the way up from the bumper into the C-pillar, in the fashion of the much later Fiat Punto and Volvo 850 Estate / Wagon, but the lights remained at a more conventional level. The 5 narrowly missed out on the 1973 European Car of the Year award, which was instead given to the Audi 80. Boué succumbed to cancer in 1971, months from the car's release.

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1977 1977 renault r5 r5 alpine owners manual.pdf Italian 4.89 MB 70

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1977 Renault 5 I

Fuel gasoline. 4-speed Manual transmission.