Renault Viva Grand Sport

Renault Viva Grand Sport

Year of production 1934 - 1939


Category: Oldtimers

The Renault Viva Grand Sport (branded as the Renault Vivastella Grand Sport before August 1935) was introduced alongside an updated version of the Nervastella in October 1934 at the Paris Motor Show. The last cars were produced in August 1939: in anticipation of the 1940 model year a prototype of another updated Viva Grand Sport was produced during the summer of 1939, but in the event this single car was the only one of its type to be produced.

The car was styled by Marcel Riffard who previously had been better known as an aircraft designer.

The Viva Grand Sport was powered by a 6-cylinder straight engine with 4,085 cc (249 cu in) displacement.

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Renault Viva Grand Sport
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