Renault TRM 10000

Renault TRM 10000

Year of production 1985 - ...


Category: Military

The Renault TRM 10000 is truck used by the French armed forces, in use since 1987. It is used both as a troop transport and logistics vehicle.

Production of the TRM 10000 began in 1985. It was developed from the TRM 9000, which was a 9 ton truck designated for export. The TRM 10000 has a longer wheelbase, a revised transmission and a more powerful engine.

After an initial order of 178 vehicles, a second order for 759 trucks was placed in 1987. Originally scheduled for a production of 5,000 trucks, only about 1,000 trucks were produced.

The TRM has a six cylinder diesel engine, the MIDR 06.20.45 and has a 6x6 drive for use on roads, trails and off-road.

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Renault TRM 10000
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