Renault 4CV

Renault 4CV

Year of production 1947 - 1961


Category: Older models

The Renault 4CV (French: "quatre chevaux" [katʁ ʃə.vo]) is a rear-engined, rear wheel drive, four-door economy car manufactured and marketed by the French manufacturer Renault from August 1947 through July 1961. As the first French car to sell over a million units, the 4CV was superseded by the Dauphine.

The 4CV was of monocoque construction, 3.6 m (11 ft 10 in) in length with front suicide doors and using Renault's Ventoux engine in a rear-engine, rear-wheel drive layout.

CV is the abbreviation of cheval-vapeur, the French equivalent to "horsepower" as a unit of power. The name 4CV refers to the car's tax horsepower.

In 1996, Renault presented a concept car — the Renault Fiftie — to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 4CV's debut. It was a two-door, mid-engine design with styling similar to the 4CV.

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1956 Renault 4CV

Fuel gasoline. 3-speed Manual transmission.