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Twingo III Bi-xenon installation

Forum Twingo III Twingo III Bi-xenon installation

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2017-03-15 13:28:45

Renault Twingo 2014+ bi xenon installation  |  More info

The newest Renault Twingo (2014+) can be retrofitted that perfect you can't even see it isn't OEM.. Very nice with the Ocular 2.0 shrouds.

If you have a Twingo from 2014 or 2015 you can upgrade these by following this instruction video step by step.

0:00 Heat the headlight in the carton box for about 17 minutes. The headlight is permasealed so it take a while to open it. When the headlight is cooled down, you have to heat it again.

(For the video it's not that interesting to watch 10 minutes to we've opened the headlight, so we skip it)

0:12 Remove the bulb and bulb holder

0:28 Place the rubber ring on the tail of the projector, it's against moving during you drive. Use the H4 centric ring to align the projector directly

0:46 Oh, I see there's a little reflector I've to remove before it fits perfect. After that's done, check it again, and.. Yes it works!

1:12 Fasten the nut on the tail and secure the projector in the good align

1:22 Now we're gonna place the Ocular 2.0 shrouds on the projector, we use the 2 component glue (JB weld) to be sure it won't came of later

2:30 Add the new butyl sealant in the headlight, because the permaseal muts be removed completely, and press the glass back on the housing

(Don't forget to clean the chrome and lens before you close the headlight)

3:17 Heat it up again and press the glass further in the edges, you also can secure it for a while with clamps

4:06 Final view, looks very OEM right?

Order this kit?

Select the Aharon Speedstart ballast, Ocular 2.0 shrouds and XB35 5500K bulbs!

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