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2017-03-14 14:32:40

Richard Hammond Reviews 2001 The Renault Avantime  |  More info

Richard Hammond takes a look at the unusual looking 2001 Renault Avantime, checking out it's futuristic style and capabilities as an MPV.

2017-03-14 14:33:40

Renault Avantime Test - HD  |  More info

Meet the world's bravest, jolliest and stupidest people carrier, the iconic Renault Avantime.

Presented by Nino Karotta, filmed by for Totalcar.

Subtitles by Péter Orosz

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2017-03-15 15:00:06

Renault Icons - Renault Avantime  |  More info

The tale of Renault's short lived but stunning coupé is brought to life using interviews with the key players in the cars development, including ex Renault Head of Design Patrick Le Quement and Matra's Phillipe Guedon. With a colourful gathering of over 200 of the iconic cars at the famous Montlhery race track, the Avantime's 10th anniversary is the centre piece of this programme. Enthusiasts and experts swap opinions about what prevented this car becoming as much of a success as it perhaps should have been. Even more of the car's story is provided by Renault Avantime insiders Thierry Metroz and Carole Hurel, while current boss of Renault design, Laurens Van Den Acker gives his verdict on what makes this unique car so special.

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