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A110 New model car preview

Forum Alpine A110 New model car preview

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2017-03-17 10:53:43

PREVIEW: Renault Alpine A110, the Porsche Cayman rival  |  More info

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Renault has revived the Alpine brand to give us the new A110, a 247bhp sports car that's over 300kg lighter than a Porsche Cayman S. Will it be as iconic as the 1960s two-seater with which it shares its name? Over to Chris Chilton to find out…

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2017-03-17 10:57:09

Kommentar Renault Alpine (2016) - Das Comeback einer Legende  |  More info

AUTO BILD Redakteur Joachim Staat präsentiert, spontan mit dem Handy gefilmt, den ersten Eindruck von der Renault Alpine.