21:12:21 Stugbbh why does it take ages to start my modus dci ???
21:11:46 Stugbbh Hi
09:59:21 nogger HI all,looking for the pinout of a UCH-N3 module particularly the windscreen wiper circuit
23:19:59 menwarrior Does anyone have the Renault 11 turbo repair manual?
21:51:30 mauste1969 hi i'm Maurizio and i've a scenic3 xmod 1.6 petrol engine
19:15:18 Georgecharles Hi I own a trafic 1996 motorhome the engine code is J7T A 600 this seems to match a 2.2cc but logbook says 1995cc anyone help ??
19:03:21 smutts Thank you for a very useful website, thanks.
21:55:38 menwarrior Hi folks, do you know where can I find the manual for the Renaul 9 and 11 turbo?
07:33:30 dehghan i will to full latitude transmission fluid
07:32:59 dehghan hi
06:59:24 mprabamech someone help me to find my authendication key of my stereo
18:21:36 sasa0565
19:08:51 Bueno
09:32:09 Jal Merry Christmas and happy New Year para todos
16:01:21 carl_t i need help, does anyone know how to replace the heating resistor in a renault twingo 2007 model, do I just need to remove the passenger airbag ?
16:00:45 carl_t hi
18:59:21 eeariasg hello !! I am From Costa Rica! My car is aMegane II sedan model 2007 engine 1.6, my problem is that the Light beam left side is not working , I already changed the lamp but it is still not working, So I suppouse that the issue is the fuse !! the big problem is that I can not find where the fuse for light beam left side is located, Could any one helpme?
18:57:02 eeariasg hello !! I am From Costa Rica! My car is aMegane II sedan model 2007 engine 1.6, my problem is that the Light beam left side is not working , I already changed the xeon
14:45:59 bad64 Hello welcome to the club Renault, but I must remind you that when you register for the club, among other things was recommended site to complete the profile of the vehicle and motorize you zřejmně failed (a) .If the Renault do not have enough to enroll in a profile settings Change Saying further in the Renault nevlastním.Pokud will continue to ignore these data can happen if you need any advice ignoring this will turn against you that you will not get odpovědi.Pokud vehicle secretive as it would not be completed because it nevidíme.Super -Administrátor club
19:38:59 masar Hi 4 all , i have Renault safarane second generation model 2009, i started getting VDC OFF and SLIP alarm randomly when i am driving, can any one give me a support to solve this problem?? thanks in advance
11:17:22 mathtest Hello , Does anybody know of good cable that connects the old laguna square diagnostic socket to a laptop running X25 software ? you can get a square socket to OBD2 converter but that would not work on a scanner - you have to cut and weld the wires to a VAG cable in a certain way - any ready cables I can buy ?
11:15:12 mathtest Selam !
19:33:55 ocakmuhammet selam
22:34:11 mcmunja hi
15:12:57 BJAPiek I think you have to search on a different site. Nobody is responding here..........
12:02:28 Philip Good Day, Sorry to bother you. I was wondering if you might know, what the back plastic cover is On The Megane 1. sits close to the firewall and runs over the fuel injectors... Mine is sweating oil out there and is dripping on the exhaust manifold. Please could you assist or refer me to someone that could help please. Regards, Philip
16:19:57 BJAPiek hello i have arenault megane break authentique 1.6 16v from 2001 im looking for an electrical scheme/wiring diagram for the lights. my foglight on the back isnt working also the controle light of that isnt burning. Can someone help me?
21:20:26 bear anyone know where to get engine parts for a Super 5 1.7GTX. F2N engine.
02:56:31 Amrkamal My car is safrane 2011 ... Any one can send me its owner's manual? Patriot_20008@yahoo.com
02:55:09 Amrkamal My car is safrane 2011
02:54:49 Amrkamal Hello guys
15:09:50 udm Dooshan88: use forum http://en.renault-club.cz/forum
12:54:09 Renaultmassi Do you know of a game for Ninteindo wii as a practising similator for Renault Megane - Anyone?
11:57:39 Renaultmassi I´ve just heard that Jon Helgi G from Isafjordur had a 2007 black Clio for amount of 700.000 on the table. How about that?
11:37:45 Renaultmassi Have you heard of a Opera version of Megane - my friend Gudmundur Hjalti has one green 2001 model on low profile tires - mega hot thing!
06:29:58 udm And how about the Renault Dezir concept ? I really like it, it is a great design work.
06:28:32 udm How do you like such Renault Clio tuning http://www.youtube.com/wa...=POfGiAtxU8M&feature=fvst ? I think it is a good job done.
06:20:38 udm If you are not yet a registered user, be kindly welcome to register and became a part of our Renault enthusiasts community
06:19:20 udm Hi everybody, how are your Renault cars doing ?
12:01:58 mosu those interested get in touch
12:01:37 mosu Special offer for Renault owners (R 25 also): Round "Elf" stickers (New Old Stock) for engine oil filler plug on sale for 2 euros/piece
18:16:52 mosu ok
21:01:16 Firat_Usta hi
21:28:50 kkd mosu can you pls help my eng capacity is car r21 2.2 lt eng can somebody get me one?
20:55:41 kkd mosu how are u? long time
21:38:27 ninetyone
07:07:30 ninetyone depends which R25 V6 block you are referring to (there are few: Z7U Z7V Z7W) never the less, Safrane V6 24V is a completely different block -- ES/L 60º DOHC as opposed to R25’s PRV 90º SOHC
16:15:24 mosu BONNEE ANNEE